I'm still struggling away with my own woes.... But in being part of a group greater than myself, I found someone nearby who is so much worse than myself. It's... a bit of a doozy.

Most of this is pieced together from what I do know of her situation, but I might be missing hings.

She is a single teenage mother. I was utterly shocked when I realised she's yonger than myself. She's had to fight to be able to ensure she could keep her daughter, less she be like her birth mother (and mine, a detail we shared in pleasent conversation) and be forced to adopt to ensure her child get a decent chance at living.

The father seems to have a history of being abused, being in trouble with the law, and being relatively threatening. But because he's mentally unbalanced, she doesn't seem to know, or want, to completely break off everything and deny him his kid, on fear that he might snap. He's apparently put dents in the walls of their appartment.

He's super possessive toward the mom, to the point where he's installed software onto her computer to periodically save images of the screen for review. And he checks her facebook, and gets angry when she shows signs of even knowing another male friend. She's only even allowing him to stay in the same house as them because he's got a job, and she can't afford to move out on her own, be a mother, and go to school with just 1 job going to expenses.

I don't know what to think, since there's so much one doesn't know looking on the outside in, especially when not even seeing the full picture in... I don't know how to help her, other than being there if she needs anything, as everyone in our church group is... I'm not even sure what to say to her...