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    Quote Originally Posted by HalfTangible View Post
    A) That just seems like a jab at Haffaton that got misinterpreted by the archons to me.

    B) They're archons. Charlie's going to find out anyway.
    A) I fail to see how this should have been obvious. Maybe if she'd used "they're too cheap" rather than "you're too expensive" then maybe I could understand that. Now, however, it's a blunder borne of overconfidence that almost made me see why people hated her so much (so I heard) in Book 1.

    B) Granted, but if she insults them like that, it just got upgraded from a reasonably certain probability (especially since she's one captive with one stolen dwagon, might not be considered important to an archon) to a certainty (a runaway insulted Charlescomm! How dare she! Charlie will hear about this!).

    Quote Originally Posted by ChowGuy View Post
    He probably means the muttered comment at the end, but I doubt the Archons heard it. Or were meant to.
    I meant the "They're too poor! And you guys charge way too much." comment, the one that set them off in the first place. Agreed in that they weren't meant to hear the muttered comment at the end, but the damage had already been done.
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    I want to create a world that is full of possibility, and one of the best ways to handle it is by creating a bunch of stories that haven't yet been finished.
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    At this point, however, I'm thinking way too hard about the practical problems of running a battle royale school for Russian assassins, so I think I'll leave it there.
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