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    [Just Outside]

    Annabelle had not been very active of late. In fact, one could say she had been very distinctly inactive. Between eating small rodents at GLoG and wandering the streets of Inside doing the very same, the ghoul had not truly done all that much since she had crawled out of her grave what felt aeons ago. Her grave which, as she remembered a few moments ago while dining on a rat, had been buried beneath the floorboards of a rather well known establishment.

    "Trog's... Tavern." she spoke aloud, chewing a finger nervously. The ghoul had been given the ability to understand all writing, it was true; but that hardly meant she was sure of herself about it. Half the time she wondered if people were just nodding along because they didn't want to embarrass her.

    Even so, those were hardly the chipper thoughts that a girl like her was supposed to have running through her head on such a fine... evening? Morning? Afternoon? It always seemed impossible to tell, for some odd reason. Almost as if each person's perception of night and day was entirely different here. No matter! She did not need to know the time of day to enter a fine establishment such as Trog's Tavern! She was a ghoul, and by golly she was going to get a drink, and be happy about it!

    [Through the doorway, with a smile!]

    "Hi Annabelle! I'm Trog's Tavern!" Wait, no! That was already wrong! Blasted undead vocal chords, betraying her at a time like this! "I mean, I'm Annabelle! Where are all of those things that people drink here?" The ghoul's cheerful smile was somewhat hampered by the stitches that ran a course across it from ear to ear, but surely people in the Nexus were a charming bunch who would be able to look past such silly little things!
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