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Honestly, I feel like we shouldn't be upset at Fairy Tale stomping the guilds right now. I feel like the guilds aren't the main issue, and that this is all filler.

I think... the real battle is coming soon. This is just to entertain until that point... while everything for the stage is being set in the shadows...
True, this is probably the case, but filler should still actually BE exciting. The build up of the enemy guilds, and those in said guilds, did not pay off.

Raven Tail? Completely destroyed by Laxus in an anticlimax.

Sting and Rogue? Ruined completely by Natsu in an anticlimax.

The Sabertooth Guild Leader? Seemingly KILLED by Sting, thus getting rid of a possible Guild Leader fight, which could of been awesome.

The only pay off that I really liked was whats her face beating the ever loving crap out of Lucy, and the man fight vs Bacchus and Elfman. Though with that last one it wasn't as good as it should of been.

Seriously. He basically says, strait out, that after he beats you he's going to forcibly sex up your sister and her best friend. Taking his bet and having your side be "you have to have a silly nickname is...really not suitable.

Oh, right, also those two chapters before chapter 300. Those were good filler chapters (even if the first one was really really really shallow).