DM Post

Baalzebul looks to the Shepherd. "I believe he just answered your question." He points a slime-coated finger towards Asheroth. "I can use a set of hunters. Your little display in the arena tells me that you can handle yourself in a fight, and some tasks are best accomplished by those without the sterling reputation of my kin."

Looking at the gnome, Baalzebul sneers. "Here's how you can come out ahead." He strides over to one of the windows of the room, and points to a small entertainment arena below, where some sort of profane ritual was in progress. One of the rituals seemed to focus on an unholy altar, made of humanoid skulls. "If you don't agree to this, you won't have a head at all." He snaps his fingers with a wet *schhlick* and an charcoal black piece of paper and fiery red pen appears in his hand. "Now, are we ready to make a deal, or do you need a lesson in humility like our dear Zorella here?"

He motions to the succubus who has ceased her screaming, and has clawed her way back to a shaky standing position, blood and ichor still flowing freely down her back. She stumbles into Pavick, her blood staining the gnome's robes as she reaches to stable herself on the table. Rather than her normal glares, she seems to be focused on avoiding meeting Baalzebul's gaze.

OOC: Could I get a perception check from Pavick, Lucan & Aramil?