I dont think you should FORCE them to do anything, espessially accept gifts. By force i mean the notion of a fey just jumping out of the bush and making a pc dance to death, or a Fey going psycho killer for them not accepting a gift.

Fey (and fey like creatures in any fantasy and sci-fi show) capitalize on misfortune, even if they have to instigate it themselves. Rumplestilsken didnt create the situation, he just profited off of it.

Further more fey have their own agendas and psychosis.

Say you have the party traveling through the forest. to not force them into a situation where they have to be devoid of all their gear (cus that always sucks) just take inventory of all their adventuring gear.

The situation starts with them talking to the various fey. avoiding psychotic parties where the guests wherent allowed to leave and are either dead or to obese to move. Deal with fey that seem insane.Affibly evil. And predatory.

They go on their way politely refusing the aid of the fey.

But then have to start calling in small favors. A chasm is to far? One PC trades in his ability to rhyme for some more rope. Another trades knowledge of his second name for brandy. a 3rd trades in a single unknown memory for some shoe laces.

As greater and greater challenges go there are many ways to make it easier, for the right price. You can imagine a life save would end up with a great price. such as "I will save your life, But starting tomorrow at any moment I will be granted the right to stab you or one of your companions once and only once"

Once the party gets stuck with heavy depts they start meeting allies. These are other unseelie fey who are enemies of the previous ones. You might have a lowly goblins who wants revenge on Mab, so agrees to grant you a great Fey-slayer in return for a lowly piece of string.

So with the help of their opportune deals they gain the power to black-mail, withstand, or break their previous contracts.

I'm reminded of the story of....The Green Knight i think it was called where he agreed to be struck int he head first and he survived cus he wasnt mortal. So if a PC got the chance to be dead for a day, he couldnt die and thus would be able to survive an otherwise lethal price.