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'Thank you very much. I'd be honoured for you to handle my Pokedex administration sir. May I ask, why are our tickets confiscated if we go to the mainland?'
"I think we will get to that soon, It isn't normal procedure but there is a good reason, I believe it is the principals place to tell you, not mine" He looks the principal who still seems to be staring out the window into the arena.

The principal turns back to all of you before taking a breath. "Good idea, Enjoy your victory, all of you meet at the docks and I will meet you there with more information, please tell ms Brown as well." You all notice the proffessor shakes his head a little as he and the principal usher you and the remaining teachers out of the room. Who say goodbye, before heading back to their classrooms, telling you to come see them if you need anything.

Did the homework is completed.

You do find that Isaacs hunch was correct, and the egg he gave you was indeed a poliwag egg