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    Default Re: Advice me up: What to get? (PS2, PS3, & XBox360-related)

    I only own a PS2, so this will be the basis of my recommendations.

    First of all, I have to third the recommendation of Persona, especially Persona 4. One of the greatest and most unique game experiences I've had on my PS2, and it will keep you entertained for many, many hours. The only problem here is that it might not satisfy your "anything set in the real world" aversion, since a lot of it is set in something very much resembling the real world.

    FFX is well worth a purchase too, I personally thought it was better than FFXII. As Zevox said, you might even get some of the older PS1 FF games for your PS2, if that's an option. Even FFVIII is worth it in my opinion, though I guess I might just like it because of the nostalgia factor (first game in the series I played).

    The first two Kingdom Hearts games are also very good, especially if you are a Disney-fan. I personally liked the first one best, but popular opinion seems divided on that.

    I'll also second the Ratchet & Clank recommendation if you enjoy platformers. Especially platformers with a ton of crazy weapons on top. They're not too long, though, but you typically unlock a new difficulty upon completing, which lets you unlock and upgrade the final, most powerful weapons.

    For the action/adventure genre, Okami is a really unique take . It's most often compared to Zelda, but it has a very unique art style. The game is also LONG, so once again will keep you entertained for hours and hours.

    I'm also a fan of Shadow of the Colussus, but I think that's very much a game people either love or hate, so do some research on that one first. Basically, it's a game that consists only of exploration and 16 (fantastic) boss battles. I particularly like the very grim and desolate mood the game conveys, but your mileage may vary.

    Finally, in the misc/party game category, you have We Love Katamari (Katamari Damacy is the first of the series, but I never got that one), one of the craziest games I ever played, but also one of the most entertaining ones. It may be a little rare nowadays, though.
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