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    Glancing up and seeing the crooning creatures flapping above them, Leilanna's eyes widen and she frantically gropes for Saidar, but something about the crooning song lowers her heart rate and soothes her nerves, preventing her from feeling the excitement she needs to be able to channel.


    Hrm. Looks like my only action since waking up has been to check the kid, and that was done via healing, so I haven't embraced the power yet.
    Composure check: (1d20+9)[10]

    Hrm. Question, is the Wilder's "Composure check to attain the correct emotional state to bypass the block" thing done at the same time as trying to embrace the source, or before?
    Because since it's full round action to embrace the Power, *and* full round action to try and attain the correct mental state (with a Composure check to see if you succeed), stacking them could be.. problematic...
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