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    Very cool ideas, Draco.

    Alright, a few things I've thought up:

    The disease is a microscopic parasite that while in it's disease form measures about 100-140m (size of a fairyfly or a large single celled organism), it's capable of rapidly evolving and possesses shared evolutionary and language-based traits with it's source, AKA all of it's mutations AND all of it's temporary mutations such as with Azure or Anomalous abilities.

    I was thinking of giving it the ability to crawl (like a mite) and then eventually fly ( and lots of other cool stuff, but I think it would be really cool to have him as a player grow the disease and he grows himself even if he doesn't know or intend it. Seems more meaningful that way.

    Base Traits SO FAR, PEACH, WIP:

    Evolutionist Phage (Legendary Disease)
    HP: 1
    Size: (Upgrades to Diminutive)
    Saves: (Use Evo's)
    Abilities: Disease(Ex), Mutation(Ex), Consume(Ex)

    Disease (Ex):
    The phage is a disease and therefore has no STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA, BAB, MOVE, SIZE, AC, HD, or skill ranks/points.

    For any stat it has a in, treat it like a 0 when improving it's stats. Improving the stat in any way grants it a score and modifier.

    Phage becomes a creature if it's size increases, raising it to Diminutive size and changing it to a swarm subtype in addition to any other subtypes the host creature currently has and changing it's type to be animal, abberation, outsider, vermin, construct, ooze, elemental, fey, plant or undead types (whichever is currently closest to the host), this type change does not grant any abilities nor does it grant it an HD or change any of it's stats.

    While the phage is in a non-creature state and infecting a host, it does not have the ability to use actions in or out of combat. Instead it uses un-used actions of it's host at the end of their turn, using their body except any action the phage withes to take is with it's own stats instead, with the exception of strength score which it may choose to borrow from it's host.

    Any (Ex) or (Su) or mutation or feat the source creature attains when on the same plane as the Phage it also gets with the same optional variables, only phage that is currently infecting a creature counts as a creature for the purposes of utilizing these abilities outside of itself, and therefore is able to do so.
    If phage does not meet physical requirements in the way of having none of something it does not qualify, if the ability requires a race or type phage can automatically qualify when it has a size.
    If phage does not have the key mental stat of a mutation, Su, Ex or Feat then treat it's DC as 0 and cancel it's effect and replace it with a general static of magic or psionics.

    If phage induces a disease in any way, the host must carry or suffer from this disease as well, being immune to phage also makes the host immune to it's granted disease.

    If the key ability score for it's ability is based off it's HD use the source's HD -5.

    Consume (Ex):
    Phage slowly destroys any creature with 7 or less HD than it's source, dealing 1 charisma, dex and constitution damage per day as it devours the dermis, keratin, chitin and cartilage of the host.

    Current Form, PEACH, WIP:

    Sneaker's Mindfire Phage (Legendary Disease)
    BAB +1
    HP: 1
    Size: (Upgrades to Diminutive)
    Saves: (Use Evo's)
    AC: +5 (+5NA)
    Abilities: Disease(Ex), Mutation(Ex), Consume(Ex)

    Mutation+ (Ex):

    Sneak Attack 1d6
    World Tongue (Does not qualify)
    Size alteration (Does not qualify)
    Monster Sage
    Improve Unarmed Strike
    Empathic Mind +2 dip, bluff, sensemotiv
    +2 Claws (fingernails for host)
    +1 Melee Dmg
    Azure Form

    Changeweave (One set of clothing/host or /swarm)
    Minor Change Shape (Does not qualify)
    Uncanny Resistance +9 Spell Resistance

    Armor of the Outer Planes (Doesn't qualify unless it's diminutive+)

    Naturally Invisible
    Damage Reduction 3/magic
    Aura of Menace
    Rend (Does not qualify)
    Disease (Mindfire)
    Spiritual Wound
    Fast Healing 1hp/r
    Evolve Talent (Multiattack)
    Dimension Door (standard action) 65' range (Once per 5 Rounds)
    Claws + Damage (x3)
    Disrupt Psionic
    Detect Psionics
    Telepathy 30'
    Detect Thoughts 60' + Free Reading + Mental Resistance
    Mind Blast
    Evolve Racial Potential
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