So things are not great, and there is nothing to be done about them.

My best friend has just broken up with her partner, who she's been with for the last five years, with all of the emotional fallout from that. Her little half-sister is being the emotional handful that one would expect from a 16-year-old who's spent her whole life training to be a prima ballerina and now can't be, and who's just broken up with her fiance.
On top of that my best friend, who is an engineer with defence, just called me in tears because she's on some kind of camp-thing with the other grads and she says it is just like high school and everyone has grouped themselves into little cliques and excluded her, even been really mean to her.
And she's still on rotation, which means she's a few states over from me and only knows two or three people in her town.

Not too long ago my grandfather, who is 92, was in a car accident. He's alive, and as far as things are concerned he's doing quite well, but he can no longer care for himself.
Due to this my mum has quit her job, packed up or sold all of her stuff and moved to the other side of the country to care for him. Meaning she's now on the other side of the country from all of her kids and her only grandchild, and all her friends aside from her sister and her ailing dad.

An old friend of mine, who I've known for at least ten years now, but probably something closer to twelve, I went to see her in hospital today. About two weeks ago she was diagnosed with multiple cancers including breast, lung and stomach, and the cancerous cells had made it into her spine as well. They tried chemo but it almost killed her, so she's decided to stop all treatment. Her family don't think she has much time left, perhaps two weeks.