M3P does exist, but it has fallen into hard times recently, and its...library has been dwindling. Still can do research if you need to.

Brando does his best to examine all the wounds coming into the ER. To his surprise, not one of the ER wounds show any sort of biting or claw damage. The coroner's report has been pretty quiet as well.

Grim avoided a mugger on the way to the shelter, and manages to find out from Crazy Joe that the grub has been...less than satisfying lately at the local soup kitchen. Something about running out of ingredients. Also, he hasn't seen Boffo the Buffoon (another homeless man) in a while, but that might not be too unusual given Boffo's bi-polar disorder.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of this, Harry turns to Amber and asks, "Now, I can probable do the thaumaturgy on my own, but I've never done a magical autopsy on...this sort of body before. It's a completely new breed of...something, and who knows what sort of psychic imprints are left behind? If you want to just sit this one out and keep watch, I'd understand, but if you help, we may get this done a bit faster." There goes Harry and his male chauvinism once again.