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    Default Re: Pokémon Thread XIII: Our Ponies are ON FIRE!

    Quote Originally Posted by Illven View Post
    Well I might have been more weirded out, but I was eagerly awaiting the planned curb-stomp. Which my Crobat and Dewott did.
    Haha, yeah, that was fun. Burgh, meet Luke. Luke, meet Burgh. Luke, Flame Wheel. I guess the Darmanitan was was the game's way of making up for that lack of a good fight.

    And I do have a disc one nuke. I traded my Eevee over to White, evolved it to Vaporeon, and proceeded to teach it Surf, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, and Waterfall.

    EDIT: Oh god, that pokemon's moveset is Thrash, Belly Drum, Flare Blitz, and Hammer Arm. Disc 1 nuke indeed.
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