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    Default Re: Thanqol Learns 2 Draw: Every Step Is The First

    Quote Originally Posted by Kyeudo View Post
    Very much so. Some things I'd like to see:

    Split the torso so that its just the chest and the pelvis, connected by lightning. I don't really like the spinal collum there.

    With the hair, I was thinking something more like the predetor's dreadlocks:

    I'd like to see them going down his back in one narrow shock of cables, like a ponytail.

    As for the pose, I'd like to see the left arm in the middle of swinging an electric whip, being brought down on a target in the direction of the viewer, with the right arm swing back, trailing a whip that's already snapping out in front of him.
    Cool stuff, on it tomorrow.

    Day 513: Helmetized

    Helmets are cool. Ran out of time for something proper.

    Slightly late upload due to computer troubles.

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