Berin stands helpless as one of the foremost creatures bears down on him, it's wings beating as it descends on him, and slowly lowers it's mouth.
Luran bolts up and manages to spear the creature to the right, just before it too descends on Anyanna. She shakes her head as the creature next to her lies dying, but she is too distracted to embrace the source.
Fire leaps from Lukas' palm, burning the last creature even as it dodges the worst of the blast. Startled by the blast it flies on, and soars wailing towards the Sul'dam and Damane, who crouch terrified in the midst of the camp. It delivers two vicious slashes to the red dressed Seanchan who yells out in pain but cannot run due to the a'dam round her neck.

Berin needs to take a DC19 fortitude save as he is kissed by the Draghkar.