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    Head Case's arm fully extends, pointing at the man's face. The blaster primes, and the hydraulics lock in place, causing the arm to emit a series of high pitch whines as a warning, -YOU AND YOUR ALLIES WILL LAY YOUR WEAPONS ON THE GROUND AND THEY WILL COME FORTH SLOWLY WITH THEIR HANDS ABOVE THEIR HEADS- -YOU HAVE FIVE SECONDS TO COMPLY- -FIVE- -FOUR- -THREE- -TWO- -ONE-

    If his orders aren't followed, or the man or his friends attack, Head case roasts him. Or not.

    Attack: (1d20+4)[6]
    Damage: (5d10)[26]
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    Odentin: Wait. Weren't we going to stop off in the capital and murder the emperor?
    Bladecutter: We might as well, it's on the way.
    GM: "We might was well" has never been used in that way!
    Bladecutter: Well, we really don't like him...