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    Default Re: XCOM: One Does Not Simply "Shoot" a Cryssalid...

    I'm a few months in, been sitting on the Alien Base mission for some time, just now feeling comfortable enough to do it.

    Bad base-building early on meant It took me awhile to get more satellites in the sky, so I lost the UK. However, I've managed to only lose one trooper (besides the 3 in the tutorial mission) without resorting to excessive save-scumming (Usually if one trooper dies, it's because I've totally screwed myself over, and several more are soon to follow, so I reload. I am not Ironman).
    I researched Laser weapons, but currently only use them for snipers, heavies, and Scatter Lasers. I've got high-ranked assault trooper with an Arc thrower whose collected enough light plasma rifles (Marginally better than laser rifles) to keep my troops equipped.

    My favorite minor-feature is the Nickname generator. I don't know if it's a coincidence that my troops keep getting fitting nicknames, or if they are able to detect things.

    For example, I had shot down a terror ship. I brought a team of veterans and a corporal (Assault trooper).

    They get to the top of the stairs and the corporal is the first through the door. He steps through, spots three cryssalids.
    They all use their "I've been spotted" move to cluster right next to him, he uses his second move to book it through the door, I imagine shouting "NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE".

    The rest of my team goes on Overwatch and gun down the 'lids as they move through the door.

    Later in the mission, the same trooper is checking out a side room. A Cyberdisk pops out of nowhere, switches to offensive mode, moves right next to him, and fires.
    somehow it misses. My heavy with HEAT ammo is able to move into position and hit it, letting my poor assault trooper finish it off.

    After that mission, the Assault trooper (Who managed to make it through unscathed), get's the nickname "D.O.A". I'm taking that as a reference to his habit of stumbling into certain death.

    Also, I got a soldier from one mission who showed up with the nickname "Boom Boom". I like to imagine him showing up at base.
    "Hello, my name is Captain Williams. However, you can call me Boom Boom"'

    Also, protip for those just starting. When given the choice of first researches? Pick Armor. Three extra HP is MUCH better than 10% boost to aim.
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