The fireworks continue as the party leaves, the bangs echoing, even when they can't be seen. The busride, fortunately, is uneventful, and the party soon arrives at Minna street. #12 Minna doesn't seem like a regular place for a pawn shop. The street itself is essentially an ally between two tall buildings. One side of the street simply opens into a back entrance parking garage, and the other side of the street is a covered, columned walkway below another large building. Cobwebs hang between the columns, interspersed with bright red "NO STOPPING, TOW AWAY ZONE" signs on the outside of the building. There don't seem to be any homeless here at the moment, but trash and refuse scattered around the inside of the sidewalk suggests they come and go. After all, a covered sidewalk is at a premium when it rains.

The entrance itself is a small unmarked door with a couple windows which have been painted over with white paint so that it's impossible to see inside. There's no sign of any kind, but the door is unlocked.