Nice try! Starving ones are really proud of you! ;-)

Also, the owners invited the only guy who actually succeeded in the challenge to come and watch. He cheered me at the end saying I did the right thing for tapping out, telling me his roommate had to watch him for the next 36 hours after he did the challenge to make sure he didn't die or anything, cause he felt bad that entire time.
But, I'm still pleased with atleast getting through 2 pounds in 15 minutes. Anyone else want to do that?
Congrats! Keep spreading around your completely unnecessary achievements in a field of wasting food & risky health activicies! ;-)

And please, don't get me wrong. I don't hate you or wish you something unpleasant. The very idea of the „contest” and „being proud” is just SOOOO tasteless, ridiculous and irresposible...

It's nice you can buy near 2 kg tacco and eat 1 kg in 15 min, but not every human in the world is as lucky as you, so please, have some respect? Food is for being eaten in time of need, not for being wasted in quasi-sports. It's really no point of pride.