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Further to other answers, a large chunk of aikido is initiated by the opponent grabbing hold of your wrists. How do you make him go for your wrists and not just punch you in the face - by reaching for your sword.

Anybody who would rather punch you in the face than control your weapon, is usually an idiot who'll shortly end up skewered on the aforementioned weapon.
I see. Hm, that's very handy. And yeah. The only times you should punch someone with a weapon in the face should be after you control their weapon. Which is usually only when you have two hands free yourself.

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BTW, the most useful weapon styles for practical application are the various stick-fighting styles. You don't have to carry a stick around, you can find something similar in most settings.
One reason why I'd rather practice kendo than fencing. Though kendo is still one of those "do" arts, I suppose. Are there any other swordfighting styles that could be applied to sticks?