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    Default Re: Treskri, an original world [WIP, PEACH] - help needed

    And about the water; I am not sure if you mean the world is reverse gravity (people walking on the other side of the surface, their feet pointing towards the surface) or if the surface makes a roof, but taking my other suggestion, water could come in from cracks in a steady supply where gletchers on the surface drift to far towards the hot side and melt down, which would make either water fall up from the ground and then splash down like geysers (reverse gravity) or rain down from the celling

    Once the water is there, whatever from geysers or rain, it moves to where-ever you need it to be through systems of channels and rivers and such, actually makes for some interesting twists you could do, as whichever race(s) populate the "water circle" would hold quite a lot of power, as they can construct dams and such to disconnect other areas from having any water supply
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