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    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Explorer View Post
    I'm not seeing how super successful author equal nobility. Or are you referring to something else?
    Well, I suggested above that writing novels that appeal to Celestia would be a way to get into the nobility, and it's been my headcanon as well that Twilight is a noble.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alabenson View Post
    Sadly, accounting is one of those unfortuneate professions where "bucking the trend" is synomamous with "unemployed" .
    One again, the terms "accounting" and "law" are interchangeable. Although I'm at least still a student, so we'll see, maybe I'll get a government job where they don't care about that sort of thing.

    News edit: It seems that WalMart is, in fact, not hipster at all. They just need better focus groups (or we're all really out of touch and vintage characters are actually more appealing to more people).
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    Anarion's right on the money here.

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