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    Quote Originally Posted by Soras Teva Gee View Post
    I'm telling you some brony out there put it together in the design office as a joke and to his/her utter dismay... it got mixed in with the real submissions and the execs just went with.
    I figured it was a trademark issue. Didn't Hasbro lose a lot of the rights to older gen characters for basically neglecting to reapply for them? Walmart might have been trying to save on royalty payments and figured that the older gen was "just as good."

    Quote Originally Posted by Kairaven View Post
    And that why Twilight called it "Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Statue" instead, it's the original title from the manuscripts instead of the published title.

    And I see that Twilight is from nobility is catching on.
    I blame "Platinum Crown," myself. Shame that story is going a little bit off the rails as it goes on, but as an example of world building I think it's still pretty stellar
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