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    Default Re: Advice me up: What to get? (PS2, PS3, & XBox360-related)


    Dark cloud 2
    often over looked RPg but great system great game

    Kingdom hearts
    First one is the best. for anyone that grew up on FF and DIsney it is great mash up with combat that is still not dated 10 years since

    Valkryrie profile 2
    Great tactical combat system story is pretty good. very tactical but the skill system is tedious and confusing

    Action adventure
    Shadow of the colossus
    there is reason people are waiting for last guardian this is why

    legend of zelda meets japanese paintings and mythology

    Prince of persia sands of time
    Best action adventure game of the console generation. great story good action fun puzzles it has everything

    Xbox360 question answer

    Get an xbox with at least 4GB. depends on if you are deciding to grab downloadable games you should get more. Used is fine but you must be cautious of the White Xboxes. Those are renown for the Red Ring Of Death (RROD) which breaks people xbox and all their warrenty are now not covered. I am clue less on cost effective transfering data. the expensive option is get a memory card copy the data to that send it to yours.


    any of the PS3 would work they have huge amount of GB so they are good for most your needs. used is fine no known huge issue. Older systems have one advantage being that they can play PS2 and PSone games

    for all used hardware ensure it works before you buy it and check wear and tear. and of course shake test. if something rattles don't take it

    Valkyria chronicles
    It is tactical RPG using guns. with a slight anime standard plot. it ranks top in JRPG of this console generation for me

    Tales of gracesf
    standard tales of series. story is weaker, combats the same.

    heavy rain
    it is video game movie. QTE and great story and mystery. sadly it is modern settign with an M rating but damn it, it is good


    last remnant
    Decent squad system. standard JRPG plot.

    tales of Versperia
    strong character, standard tales

    if you want a cheap option is to get a Wii. Xenoblade chronicles, last story and hopefully pandora's tower make it state side. LOZ is good of couse. Mario galaxy is fun and then you can pull in Tales of Symphonia from the game cube. Then there are many old virtual console Jrpgs. secret of mana, super mario rpg, chrono trigger.
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