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to UON [PM]:

Time draws short and we have to reach a conclusion.
Currently we have four things we must reach a consensus or at least coordinate our actions:
1. UON’s reaction to the current global situation. Two possible plans of action were proposed. First taking actions against Project Earth, second taking action against UK/Soviet axis. TRHI is in favour of the second one. No matter what we decide, we have to coordinate not only between us, but also with potential third party allies.
2. Our future research projects. TRHI would prefer if we would first finish our current Amat research before improving our CTC or other metric engineering technologies.
3. The Hypereux League agreed to open their media work for other UON members. It would be helpful if those interested in joining them state their intend and the sum they plan to invest.
4. Technorapture Universities student exchange program will be continued. The Lunar Empire already expressed their interest in cooperating here with TRHI. If others are interested please inform us (and please include it in your EoT reports.)
Do any of you have other points we have to address? If not, please make your decisions and preferences known. Especially point 1 and 3 need some additional planning before implementing.