I'd definitely support the Persona 3 and 4 recommendations, they're both amazing games and while the setting is real world'ish, there are still demons roaming the world and weird technology far beyond what we have. Also, the characters are sufficiently eccentric for it to not quite be real. And again, you'll be killing demons spawned of the collective, human subconscious.

I'd also strongly recommend Okami, probably the HD remake on the Playstation Store for PS3, because it is cheaper and easier to get than the PS2 version and improves greatly on the visuals which are a major selling point. The game is funny with incredibly fluid Zelda'ish gameplay, great music and probably the best visual design of any video game ever. It really is that pretty.

For the PS3 I support Valkyria Chronicles, it's a great game in almost any way and the one game with gameplay engaging enough that I played on the suicidally hard difficulty you can get as DLC just for the fun of it. It is also quite pretty and has great visual design that shows what can be done when you ignore the mindless rush towards photorealism.

I also belong in the minority who loved FF XIII, so I'd recommend it. Easily the best gameplay in the series and I'd personally say the best story and writing too. Except for the ending. The ending was terrible in every way and is a major black spot on the game.