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    Default Re: Advice me up: What to get? (PS2, PS3, & XBox360-related)

    For your 360, you'll be safe from most of the classic bugs (Red Ring of Death) as long as you buy new. Keeping that in mind, figure out of there are any other 360 games you want to play. If not, then just get whatever is cheap.

    I'd recommend Lost Odyssey if you're going that way though, a JRPG made for the 360 by some of the previous Square Enix teams.

    However, for your preference in gaming? You already have the perfect system. Make heavy use of your PS2 to get PS2 and PS1 games. There were so many (So many) good JRPGs during that time, it would be a shame for a fan like yourself to miss out.

    Although I'd recommend starting with Dragon Quest 8 (PS2). It could take you upwards of 50 hours but it's well worth it.

    edit: Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1) would do you good as well. It's a tactical RPG set in the world of Ivalice so there's a lot of fluff similarities between it and FF12.
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