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    Darn it to heck.... I'm -struggling- to get my paper done so I can submit it tomorrow... and yet I can't focus because I've got this bloody song in my head! I ran into it last night, and have been listening to it since freaking midnight! It makes me sick, and yet I can't stop listening to it! I don't understand it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Explorer View Post
    Do you mean order of episodes timeline? Because it definatly does not go in chronological order in the show. There isn't an official one but some fan ones seem pretty solid.
    Hm... it seemed like some of the second ones came before the first season ended, actually...

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Explorer View Post
    Luna arrived with an unplanned lightning storm and is yelling at everypony. They think she's angry at them and their scared of her wrath. After that their nervous about being around somepony with that much power and no idea of how she's like.
    I don't see how they even have a holiday based around her at all... it just doesn't quite add up in my head. In the first episode, no one recognised her but Twilight, who had actually researched her. You'd think they would if there was a holiday based on not ticking off this person.

    Additionally, Zecora seemed to be the local expert for this holiday, telling it to the little chillin'. Yet Zecora wasn't even really treated as a member of Ponyville for a while, with everyone as freaked out by her as they were by Luna.

    The cogs are trying to turn, but so far it's just overheating...

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Explorer View Post
    The statue doesn't look that much like Nightmare Moon and likely wouldn't be on ponies minds when being confronted by a strange alicorn and eternal night.
    I'd be willing to argue that. If Frosty the Snowman came back from whatever evil snowhill he came from, I'd be sure to be ready and waiting for him, even if he looked a bit diffeent.

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Explorer View Post
    Plus she wasn't acting like the 'Santa Claus' version of herself. She wasn't trying to eat anyone and was speaking perfectly normal.
    ... fudge, my brain keeps shutting down mid thouht when I get to this line. Is Luna the Santa Claus version, or Nightmare Moon?

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Explorer View Post
    She's actually pretty aloof and shy in the episode. But she's too proud to admit it so she's acting in what she feels is a regal manner to make up for it.
    Again, I understand the regalness. I don't understand her having a perfectly normal dialect with Celestia and in her return, then going Macbeth for the holiday. Heck, compare her dialog to that of her briefly ironic appearance in the final episode.

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Explorer View Post
    Well school comes first as always. I know my own writing has been put on hold as I study.
    I still haven't finished the work I was supposed to do yet... got a freaking earworm in my head, sapping my will to do anything but smile and feel happy...

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Explorer View Post
    Like I said before I don't think your story sounded unoriginal. Give it a shot!
    ... do you mean trying to work more on the first one? Or trying to write some sort of blob to provide a taste of the second one? It's hard being so formal with these things... especially when I can see what types of things inspired the work, too...

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Explorer View Post
    If you want to draw then go for it. But please tell me you weren't being literal when you said they broke your hands to stop you from drawing
    It's not like I have to deal with those people anymore now, so it's not a problem or anything.

    I'm just so out of practice, I don't even know where to begin... I've always prefered hand-drawing, too, which means I'll need to find something to enable me to draw it and then get the computer to accept it...

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxtronaut View Post
    Alright, ponythread.

    I've decided that we ALL need some good old fashioned brain-bleach. Why? I dunno, but brain-bleach is always good!

    Please enjoy the cute.


    Would you believe, at least in me, the song I'm listening to has been sturing up so many feelings of happyness and love, that I'm actually feeling desensitised to the otherwise ****ing adorableness of baby gilda?

    Also, the pillow reminds me of a 'mon.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tiki Snakes View Post
    Oh, man. Bwobs? It feels like it's been ages since we had Bwobs in the thread.
    Have some Bwobs.

    I thought you said boobs. I was scared to click the link for a second....

    Where on earth did Bwobs come from?

    Quote Originally Posted by Balmas View Post
    Would you be able to spare a couple hundred bucks for a set of ties?

    I especially like the Raritie.
    ... I can only imagine someone going into a work place, serious, pointy haired and everything... with a tie like one of those. I wouldn't know how to respond to a boss like that...

    Quote Originally Posted by Pendulous View Post
    Wow. I've been in a terrible mood lately. It doesn't help I still don't have a job, and while my roommate isn't pressing the issue, I still feel guilty I'm not paying anything to be here. Even worse, I don't spend any time with him. To be fair, he does basically what I do all day. Browse the web, talk with online friends. He's in the Vector Club on Deviant Art too, so he spends a lot of time on that and updating his TWO Tumblrs. So, really, unless he has plans for us to do something together (and I'm broke so it would have to be free, usually it's chilling and watching something on NetFlix. Waiting for Archer Season 3 to pop up). Plus I'm already rather antisocial, but when I lived in Alabama, I spent most weekends with my friends (if I didn't have to work). We played Magic or D&D, or I watched em play video games (rarely got involved, not really a fan of most newer games, which could have killed my opportunity at a crappy part-time job at Gamestop). Anyway, I lost my train of thought. I think the point I was trying to make was:

    I've been listening to MLP today mostly out of boredom (new NCIS episode was good though). The episode with Doodle just came and went. I remember this pony personality test I took. Not the one everyone has that only had the Mane 6, it was another that had other characters too. I don't remember which ones, but I ended up with Spike (and I can understand that to some points). I realized after the episode, that I am probably more like Cranky. At the end, Pinkie's letter mentions still being friends with someone even though you don't spend time with them. That's kind of how it is with me and my roommate I guess.
    I hope your situation improves (mostly by you being able to at least find a job, which would be a very good break in this economy). But I have to note how conveniently timed things around one's life can be. Lessons from your favorite show, or messages from church, or the lecture for school... Fate's just odd like that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pendulous View Post
    And, since this entire post isn't self-looking emo stuff, I looked up Cranky's voice actor, because I enjoyed his little nuances. Like Rarity, and I don't need to link the "why Tabitha is the best pony actress" again. Anyway, being obsessed with finding out who voiced who, I noticed Richard Newman, who voiced Cranky, also voiced Totosai in Inuyasha, and Captain Ginyu in one of the many incarnations of Dragon Ball z. Fun.
    ..... Cranky Doodle Dandi is the Illustrious Captain Ginyu!?! Can he do a pose, too?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pendulous View Post
    Maybe. Assuming seasons act the same way as they do in the real world, we can guess that a year had passed in season 1. Maybe more. Winter Wrap Up, then a few episodes later, Fall Weather Friends. This would assume that the Gala took place around late fall, maybe early winter. Then again, I believe the forests looked pretty green. Season 2 is harder because there's no real indicators there. Again, assuming their holidays fall on the same time period as ours, Luna Eclipsed and Hearth's Warming Eve tell us that fall and winter had passed. Most REAL shows don't even indicate time periods (How I Met Your Mother being a good exception, but in that case time is important). Most people just assume that each season is a year (in Scrubs, it's pretty much confirmed, because they mention at the beginning of most seasons about their "fourth year", or "fifth year", and they have a nice fourth wall breakage for this in season 8). So you can say two years. However, we also know that Spike has only had one birthday while in Ponyville, as we learned in Secret of My Excess. So...continuity problems? I mean, I can understand a bit in this show anyway, but they do a pretty good job of having everything pretty explainable.
    I guess... what, the Mk3mantra, was it? I feel like it makes more sense for more time to have passed... long enough for only 1-2 birthdays, maybe off screen...

    Quote Originally Posted by BlasTech View Post

    Scariest. Avatar. Ever!!

    Also, happy second ponyversary everyone!
    Did you hand draw that? It's really good...

    Quote Originally Posted by DigoDragon View Post
    Okay, now I'm picturing an episode where AJ gets drunk and throws a BETTER party than Pinkie Pie. Pinkie, not willing to accept second-best Pony position, plays "Keeping up with the Jones" and throws an even bigger party of Epic proportions.

    Hilarity Ensues.
    ..... I wonder how many other epic fan ideas can be turned into an episode, especially one that comes with a built in lesson about being able to share the things you enjoy.

    In anycase, I'd totally watch it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lix Lorn View Post
    The more time you spend near me...
    Lixie, you're like the Morrigan Aesland of this group. An elicit incarnation of lust shipping that corrupts the pure and innocent around you for fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alabenson View Post
    This cannot possibly come as a surprise to you at this point.
    It's not... at least not the basic subject matter. Not to mention there's really not too much else you can make ... saucy, for lack of a better word, on a pony, so on a basic level, I completely understand...

    It's just... dang, ya'll -really- like dat flank! I thought -I- liked my share of big butts...

    Quote Originally Posted by Soras Teva Gee View Post
    Well flank is out of common parlance since about a year ago now...
    The thing is, I still hear about flanks, and flanking, and covering eachother's flanks, and flanking people... but before this group, that was all completely mature, strategic talk, involving attacking or defending from behind.

    And now, I can't reread that paragraph withot thinking about pony butt.

    Quote Originally Posted by DigoDragon View Post
    Unless we're talking about steaks. :q
    Wait what?

    ... no, nevermind.

    .... actually no, better I learn here where it's safe...

    ..... but I'm not sure if I'm ready to know yet....

    ...... DARN IT I DON'T KNOW!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Deadly View Post
    I think from now on I'll skip the ponythread prereading process and just publish the chapters when I'm done with them. Not that I don't appreciate the feedback when I get it, I just can't justify delaying each chapter like this. Better to just publish it and let everyone read and critique it.

    I can barely write myself, let alone properly critique... I'm still reading through the Nightmare Sonata... though I have no idea who Lyra is. Or Octavia. Not to mention Bon Bon...

    Still, sorry...

    Quote Originally Posted by otakuryoga View Post
    now comes the work of id'ing each of those ponies....
    Are those all from the show, or just pony versions of the actual cast and crew?

    Still probably less silly an undertaking than this:

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