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    [Harnel's School and Tournament Grounds]

    And so it has come; Harnel's tournament is finally in the works.

    He currently sits upon a balcony that's given a good overview of the arena, three chairs present on it. Harnel sits in the central one, while the chairs to his left and right are for the other judges; it's up to their players if Ilpholin and Wenomir have arrived yet.

    The arena itself is grand, a sand covered fighting area in the center of a circular coliseum made from the same black granite that his home is made from. It's also an hour to the Northwest of Inside. An attached building, which guests have to go through to arrive in the coliseum, is the school proper. The floor of the arena is granite as well, though that is difficult to tell with a foot of sand in the way.

    A pair of NPCs wait at the gates of the school to take names and registration; any individual who is here to spectate will be asked to leave any combat equipment at the door (and to pay a small fee to spectate in the first place), ready to be picked up on the way out. Combatants, who also register here, will be allowed to keep their equipment. Those who are here to watch will be directed towards the stands, while those who are here to fight will be directed to the waiting room of the arena.

    ((note, as long as something bad doesn't happen at the gate, just godmode into your place in the stands or the waiting area; the NPCs that are there for registration purposes are NPCs after all))


    "Well then, I guess you won't be teasing me anymore, will you?"
    Harnel smirks, and continues walking, "As for why, I thought you said everything here was a dream. In theory, I suppose I could just dream you up a large bustline."
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