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I am sorry, I fell behind before and will not have time to catch up until December due to school.
Seems like a common problem of late. Hopefully things will pick up soon, I'm starving for feedback here. I need looooove and adoration

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I can barely write myself, let alone properly critique... I'm still reading through the Nightmare Sonata... though I have no idea who Lyra is. Or Octavia. Not to mention Bon Bon...

Still, sorry...
You don't need to give me a detailed critique or anything, just your completely subjective thoughts and reactions will be fine. I'm always happy to hear any feedback, even if it's just "I liked it"

As for the characters, all three are background ponies without a lot of speaking roles in the show. BonBon has had a few brief lines (all with different voices, which is becoming a bit of a running joke), Lyra only one and Octavia none so far.

Lyra (left) and BonBon (right)