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Thread: My Little Pony LIV:E Long and Pony!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadly View Post
    I'm more like a changeling, really ...
    But, see, Fluttershy outfreaking adorables even the changelings. Even as an awkward teenager, she's the -best- filly, no question.*

    Quote Originally Posted by Deadly View Post
    It really means a lot to get a comment, even if it's just one or two lines. I wish people commented on stories more often.
    I'll try to finish it soon... I can read it in class tomorrow, since the professor already sent a copy of the notes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Deadly View Post
    Idle minds, I suppose
    Absorbed minds, more like it...

    Quote Originally Posted by Lix Lorn View Post

    If you're going to be so rude and insulting, then I curse thee. The hand of the shipping goddess shall never touch thee, until thine apologies find the heart of her prophet.
    (Thunder rumbles menacingly)
    (turns, flounces away)
    ...... First of all, tell me you're not actually insulted by being a Darkstalker. Or do you not know that particular video game mythos? I'd sell my soul the second I could to gain such a prestigious honor...

    Second of all, when has the shipping goddess ever touched me period? There's only one girl I'm interested in now, anyway, so I suppose it's better that I'm not distracted.

    Third of all, you have prophets? .... like, clergy prophets? Oh god...

    And lastly, I appologise for offending.... darkstalker. :p

    Quote Originally Posted by Tectonic Robot View Post
    D'aww, he didn't mean it, Lixie! C'mere~

    I'm guessing you're one of her priests.

    Yes, I did just throw down the gauntlet.

    .... actually, to be in the flavor of this thread,

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