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    Default Re: Friendship Is Zippers. And Belts. Let's Play Kingdom Hearts

    The thing is, they went -too- far with those 2, at least when you don't do the easy tricks and take the fun out of the fight. If they stayed at the level of KHIIFM's Bonus Boss, then I'd not complain. That fight was hard, but not cheap. Best. Level. Ever.

    I heard they learned their lesson: BBS Final Mix made both bosses a bit easier, and the hidden boss of 3DS doesn't seem to have nearly the complaining about him.

    Back on topic, that introduction cutscene is so trippy...

    Also, in terms of easyness vs difficultness, the item you pick and lose determines what stats come first when you level up, as well as how soon you gain certain abilities. Just for the sake of getting guard and such earlier, I've always prefered taking the shield and sacrificing the sword, but that's just me. Decent stats all around, with a good propincity for being able to survive.

    Also, you don't get your first spell until after you've beaten the... I believe the 3rd climax boss. You'll know him because you get help, in case you don't know the game already.
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