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...... First of all, tell me you're not actually insulted by being a Darkstalker. Or do you not know that particular video game mythos? I'd sell my soul the second I could to gain such a prestigious honor...
I have no idea what a Darkstalker is even referencing. The implication I was insulted by was that I was evil and corrupting.

Second of all, when has the shipping goddess ever touched me period? There's only one girl I'm interested in now, anyway, so I suppose it's better that I'm not distracted.
The touch of the shipping goddess would be shipping. Denying you her touch would be saying 'you never get shipped'.
AKA, no love for you.

Third of all, you have prophets? .... like, clergy prophets? Oh god...
I am the prophet, not the goddess.

And lastly, I appologise for offending.... darkstalker. :p
I can read white text. >_> Explain what a darkstalker is so I should know whether I should be annoyed or not.