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    [Harnel's School and Tournament Grounds]

    A pair of young men dressed in Servant's livery are sitting at the entrance. They're NPCs, so without a good reason to deny someone, they're allowed to be godmodded for expediency.

    In this case, they have no reason to say no, "Go on right ahead, sir."

    If he wants to be a spectator, he'll be asked to leave the staves behind. If he wants to be a combatant, there's no application fee; the spectators are paying for all that, after all.

    And because I forgot to describe it in the last post I made, Harnel is currently wearing an adamantine breastplate, boots, and gauntlets, his greatswords, like Wenomir, resting against his chair.


    "It's good to know I won't be modified while I'm here, then. That's always a hassle," Harnel says, just keeping up a steady pace.
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