Hypereux: Station 9


1. It seems that most of the UON is in favor of moving against the UK/Soviet bloc first. However, if the ESC truly won't budge on the matter, we would be losing one of our prime allies. My only comment on the matter is that I am leery of the Andeans' invitation to move against the UK in North America--it seems like it could too easily be a trap from a faction that has struck against me in the past.

2. I'm afraid I may have to bow out of group research projects for a turn or two. I'm going to focus most of my resources on bringing my ESP back up to where it was before the thing with Project Earth happened.

3. I planned to invest my REP and at least 5 ECO.

4. The only reason I did not cooperate with this program last turn was because I was unaware that it was going on, either from missing it in the thread or through sheer forgetfulness. Either way, I apologize for my absence. I will not make that mistake again. Hypereux would gladly join in your exchange program.