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    Khuraargh stands tough against the buzzy effects of the apple ciders, body tough and resistant to such fermented goodies. The apple he threw at "Mr Laughter" landed squarely on his face as he growled and shook a fist at Khuraargh. "Me gonna get you good with club! Count on it!" He threatened and hissed, growled and all that stuff.

    Anyways, everyone who was part of the game headed into the marsh to find a hidey place to hide. The groups of goblins who stayed behind to be searchers were led by 'Mr Laughter' who was out for vengeance, club at hand.

    'One longshank, two long shanks..."

    The marsh is afoul of goblins scurrying about searching for our goblin heroes, ready to give them a whacking.

    Eight goblins grouped together to find Sparky who was practically a ninja right now, a tiny itty bitty ninja with a possibly cute even higher pitched voice. They eventually just gave up after many minutes of searching as they made threats for him to come out and that they would only hit him twenty times instead of twenty five. But as mentioned, they left, prompted when they found the prospect of eating pickled gnome fingers much more interesting. So they left and stopped looking for Sparky.

    'Mr Laughter' lead a group of three bent on searching for Khuraargh but they did not bother looking up in the mangrove trees in which Khuraargh took refuge in and boy howdy did Khuraargh climb those trees like a boss. It was an interesting sight how he just clambered up the trees.

    "Come out Khuraargh, I hit you in head all good ways!" The goblin egged, trying to get Khuraargh to reveal himself since he was having tough times looking for him.

    As for Naknuk, the little goblin managed to find a nice rock to hide behind, not the best of hiding places but lucky for him his three pursuers were too busy squabbling among each other to look for him proper. Its as if though they reenacting a Three Stooges scene among each other as neither could agree on which direction to look.

    The Gallant Sir Squeeb scampered through marsh, likely with a goofy smile on his face due to the possible thrill he may be experiencing with this sort of game. The little goblin crawled into a small crawl space inside a rotting log which came with desserts in the form of worms if he pleased to munch.

    "Sir Squeeb of Lameness, come out come out come where you be hiding and we promise to not hit you too much, only instead we hit harder, hahah!" Four goblins were in search of him, one hitting prickly bushes with her club. One goblin came close to finding him as he thwacked the log with his club. After a while, the goblins got bored and left.

    And then finally Skortch, he was being pursued by a gang of nine lead by his brother no less, who choked a bit on the smokestick earlier. However, Skortch managed to find a nice hiding place between the roots of the mangrove trees. There was also a frog to keep him company. His brother and the other goblins shouted mean things about him in hopes of getting him to come out, but alas, no dice and they got bored too, being goblins of short attention spans.
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