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    Quote Originally Posted by Raz_Fox View Post
    "Might we enter in?"
    "You might, and then again you might not," calls the voice. "Don't see as to how I'm supposed to be reading your minds to answer that one. If you're coming, hurry it up though, you're letting all the heat out, holding that door open like that."

    Quote Originally Posted by SiuiS View Post
    Charlotte glances to either side, somewhat incredulous. "... Us?" a pause. "We were told to ask for Minna, miss. Is she here?" Another pause. It occurs that maybe Marchande should have taken the lead, that she must salvage her gaff. "May we come in, s'il vous plaît?"
    "Oh, you're looking for Minna. Why didn't you say so earlier? That means it's your first time. Yes, yes. Come in and hurry it up, just because you're in the right place doesn't mean I'll be any more forgiving for letting the heat out."
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    Anarion's right on the money here.

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