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So...so far this is what I'm thinking of for my competitive team:

Cloyster - Naive - Skill Link - Expert Belt
Shell Smash/Rock Blast/Icicle Spear/Rapid Spin
252 ATT/252 Speed/6 HP

Gliscore - Impish - Poison Heal - Toxic Orb? (Yes)
Protect/Earthquake/Toxic/Ice Fang
252 ATT/252 HP?/6 Speed

Volcarona - Timid - Flame Body - Leftovers or Lum Berry
Quiver Dance/Fiery Dance/Bug Buzz/HP Ground
252 Sp ATT/252 Sp Def/6 HP

Terrakion -Jolly - Justified - Leftovers
Earthquake?/Sacred Sword/Swords Dance/Stone Edge
252 Atk/252 Spe/6 HP

Scizor - Adamant - Technician - Life Orb/Leftovers
Bullet Punch/Swords Dance/Pursuit/Superpower
252 Atk/252 SpDef/6 HP

Suggestions and help, please?
That should give you a fairly solid team