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    Andean Federation
    Def Esp 19

    To Brazil
    It occured to us that we have not asked if you wish to cooperate on a new research endeavor. Our old project having been completed we are looking for a new research opportunity and are open to hearing if you have something in mind. Given the current nature of the world we think one with suitable "practical" applications would be best.

    To Project Earth
    After some evaluation we do not believe that our ultimate research goal is feasible at this time, despite the fact that we have now completed all the necessary prerequisites. Our scientists estimate that it will take between 3.5-4 years to complete, and given the current political climate that is too long to plan for.

    As such we wonder if you have other ideas as to what our scientists should cooperate on this year.

    To Stichelhaar Consulting
    We request a private meeting.

    If Accepted (PM)
    Our long range analysts predict that war is coming. And very soon. As such we wish to hire all of your military assets and espionage agents. Not this year mind you, but we believe that such a contract would be very expensive, and quite rightly so. So we wish to get an estimate as to what your price would be for such an arrangement so that we can arrange our budget to adequately afford it.
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