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    Hypereux: Station 8

    Anton Hypereux-L'Etoile, Public Statements

    I would like to take a moment to address several public comments made recently by representatives of Project Earth's government; specifically, the comments that we have in some way been breaching the terms of the peace agreement that was arrived at last year. The terms of that agreement are a matter of public record, and were as follows:

    1) The Hypereux League announces to the world that it did, in fact, control most of the world's private media, and also that it had used this control in an attempt to falsely discredit Project Earth after the latter's attempted blackmail of the corporation. This we have done.

    2) The Hypereux League dissolves its media dominance and submits to an investigation by Amurian officials to ascertain that the potential monopoly had indeed been dealt with. This we did. Again, the results are a matter of public record.

    3) The Hypereux League submits to having its activities monitored by Carthage, to head off potential abuses along the same lines. This we have also done.

    Nowhere in the agreement did it state that this corporation could not publicly reenter the media field in the aftermath of the treaty. Nor did it say that we would keep the contents of said treaty quiet, or that we would refrain from attempting to call for justice in regards to the disproportionate retribution visited upon the League in the form of massive property destruction and the murder of its employees. As such, we deny any illegality in our open acquisition of the Newscorp brand, as well as in any of the public statements over the past six months that Project Earth has expressed concern over. We have merely been attempting to bring greater attention to certain events which we believe have not been sufficiently covered by the post-Hypereux world media, which you will recall has been and still is dominated by the Project Earth sponsored West African News Network.

    Yes, the League did engage in certain wrongdoings during the period that led up to the treaty, but we have paid for those decisions far beyond what any reasonable person could have expected. It is my opinion, which I believe is shared by many, that the past quasi-legal actions of the Hypereux League were not enough to justify the military attack led by Project Earth upon this corporation. All we have been doing recently is attempting to bring the deaths of our employees back into the global conversation, so that they may be properly addressed. To call our statements a "propaganda attack" and attempt to shift the focus to Ethiopia and the African Cradle demeans the reality of what happened. If Project Earth has issues with how the Lunar Empire and the Amurian Technocracy have been portraying its actions in southern Africa, we would like to politely request that they take that issue up with more relevant parties than Hypereux, and refrain from accusing us of spurious illegal activity.
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