First off, thank you KikeDragon for replying and yes, a planar detective campaign sounds amazing. Secondly, I have been given the reigns to the rest of the delta logs due to Wolfwood not remembering things correctly, his odd storytelling methods, and his inability to spell. His words were a little bit different than mine. But now, rather than doing a developer commentary thing, i will actually tell you the tales of delta from the perspective of the DM. Hopefully I can get some feedback, due to this being an experimental campaign and all.

One thing to note, our group is the group that doesn't care. In the entire Virtannian story arc, I think these characters actually rolled knowledge checks a total of three times. The arc didn't last long, only three levels were gained total. They started out as level three by the way, as sort of a character progression from Alpha even though we weren't playing as the same characters at all.

These characters, moments after having a cryptic destiny dream, completely forget about my guy Rasputin the vampire and never questioned his absence. He hasn't been introduced to the party yet, still. Vicas Bisque is crabbing around town getting used to tolerating his party members. Our leader class Lain the Changeling is getting used to her shape-shifting powers and inquiring a map from Regina Tress the huntress. And Ceil, the large human bearded beast with a shovel is making money.

They eventually meet up at the town's center-piece, The Monument of Beginnings. Now see, this is how hard our group doesn't care about anything, they never ever knew that this was the name of the tree, or that it even had a name in the first place. Keep in mind the players did care, its not like they were bored, their PC's just didn't care about any aspect of these magical lands, so called the happiest place in the world.

Inside the Monument of Beginnings is the horse-deity Gibbous Selai, the deity of Beginnings, Growth, and Improvement. His champion, as in the most powerful person in the entire town/city and occupational guardian of the people, is a humanoid treant wizard. He's kind of like an Ent from LOTR if one grew inside of and dominated Dumbledoor. Obviously Delta never asked about his being, occupation, name, or the fact that he was even speaking in common.

This Level fifteen wizard, named acres unbeknownst to the group, led the PC's to the top of the tree where Gibbous rested in the shadows. He is a frightening horse-skeleton, this hardly effects any one of these PC's. This demonstrates fairly quickly that the deities in each town are dying, or at least being called from this mortal plane.

Gibbous tells them in an odd decrepit telepathy that he is, in fact, a god. He wishes the group to investigate a cosmic anomaly happening underneath the Monument Tree inside of the escape tunnels. These exist due to the dangerous wildlife, and an ancient Werewolf threat. This is knowledge gained only waaay later in the campaign, since these PC's never actually asked about it.

I forget why, but Vicas and Ceil start arguing. Vicas demonstrates his Assassin prowess and actually succeeds on a check to immediately start strangling Ceil with a garote. Lain does nothing about this. Acres demonstrates his power by growing angry and imprisoning Vice and Ceil in magical barriers. This impresses Ciel but leaves Vicas with a disgruntled scowl.

At this point, acres knocks hard against the tree, sending a call out underneath. This awakens my vampire from his coffin and slumber, to assist the group in their mysterious task. Delta doesn't ask why my vampire was down there, why Acres summoned him, nor why my Vampire was a happy-go lucky Canadian rather than a sparkly emo turd.

Acres hands them a key and warns them that these tunnels are home to traps that would ward off werewolves and that they should be wise about how they progress. This begins the tutorial dungeon, a small one with only one encounter but one that would demonstrate to me how these characters solve puzzles and handle themselves in combat.

A bit later they would learn that Acres and Gibbous actually wished to test these group members. Learn what I wanted to learn, their wisdom, teamwork, patience, craftiness and combat prowess for the quest that beings from another plane of existence wished them to embark on. Next time on Delta Logs, I describe how they almost completely fail a one-room dungeon.