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    OOC: In the interest of moving past spoilers for mundane stuff, here's my conversation with Ashlyn thus far...

    I head to the inn, find Ashlyn if she is still awake and ask her Sister Ashlyn, I wonder: whom among the people require the aid of our party most dearly and what is their affliction? I would like to prepare to aid them as effectively as possible tomorrow

    Ashlyn: "I have cured the afflictions of these people, however there is always the fear of a lack of food and water."

    In response Revan smiles, Very well. Then I shall make it so. Tell me, how many are there to feed? And is there any contaminated food or drink I could cleanse so that I could be eaten once more?

    OOC: I was wondering if you have a chance to discuss the whole alignment shifting thing with me at some point so we can clear up exactly what happens.
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