Okay, so I'm reading this scenario, and I've got a few questions.

Actually, I have a scenario myself.

Okay, so.

I have a PC with a 5 in Strength, and a 3 in Weaponry. His opponent has a 3 in Defense. The PC has a +1 weapon. So, the PC would roll 6 dice. (8+1)-3. 8's count as successes, and below eights are failed. If the PC so chose, they could expend one point of Willpower, to add three extra dice to the pool, for a total of 9. (8+1+3)-9). Any results of ten are rerolled further, adding to the success pool if they succeed. Rolling stops once no tens are rolled.

I'm fairly sure I have that right, but my question is this. If the PC is attacked that turn, can he further expend one will to increase his defense, or is he limited, similarly to Glamour?