The United Kingdom

The Queen announces defensive pact with Project Earth, Andean Federation

With a formal ceremony and splendid celebrations, the representatives of United Kingdom, Andean Federation and Project Earth have today signed a pact of mutual defense. All partners are obligated to support each other in any way possible in the case of a hostile incursion on allied territory or any other act of war. In addition, the lands of the Soviet Directorate are counted as allied within the terms of the pact.

"Our great nations will draw up plans and train to reply effectively to any potential threat, be it earthborne or orbital. We hope this pact will provide stability and security to the world."

UK to FRA:

Our lands surround you, the closest and most powerful foreign nations are our allies and a vast interplanetary conflict is brewing. For your own good, I urge you to accept status as an autonomous protectorate of the United Kingdom. You will be able to govern internally as you have before, under the aegis of our One Nation, Two Systems policy that has worked well in Australia, for instance.

If you do not accept our offer, we sadly cannot guarantee the future safety of the region. Anything might happen, especially in the chaos of a World War.