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    The Andean Federation
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    Global Announcement
    The Andean Federation is pleased to confirm the latest news from the UK. We regard this as the next step in our continuing diplomatic efforts to stabilize a world caught in the crossroads of history. We again extend our offer to any regional block or even individual countries that wishes to form a mutual defense pact with SATO.

    To the UK and Project Earth
    We would like to note that if the Soviet Directorate is being recognized as an ally of the pact, then so too should the People's Republic of Brazil. And in the interest of balance we would support the inclusion of a country of Project Earth's choice, if they have a close ally they wish to be involved as well.

    To the CSA (PM)
    As part of the terms of our alliance with the UK we have negotiated the extraction of your entire military, intelligence agencies, and government. Of course we cannot guarantee when you will be able to exact justice for your countrymen. So we will leave it up to you as to whether you wish to establish a government in exile with us.

    To Technorapture Heavy Industries (PM)
    We wish to let you know that our previous offer has been rescinded. Of course given your complete lack of response we had assumed that you had declined anyway, but in light of our new alliance we couldn't in good conscious leave an open offer on the table where it could be misinterpreted to ill effect.

    We do however wish for you to know that we consider our own alliance with you to still be in effect, and that we hope that neither our alliance with you nor the UK will ever be called on.
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