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Blackbelts in to many styles are given away to easily anymore. As far as what you get out of martial arts, It will be based on what you put into it.

When you go to the dojo they will teach your body its martial language and words. They may help you build your martial vocab to a respectable level. With drills and competing with others
But it is on you to write poetry with your body, That extra step is always on you, Everyone has their own way of becoming an artist, But that is half the fun.
Yeah...at the school tae kwon do club, we split up into two groups, people with some experience and newbies. And two of the people in the more experienced group seemed to hardly be able to manage the warmup pushups; one of those two said she was going for a black belt test soon. Now I don't want to be unnecessarily critical without more information, but I can't imagine passing a black belt exam when one can't do pushups properly and seems to be having trouble with just thirty.

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I also found out there's a Krav Maga center in my town. Quite a surprise! Their site tells me they offer a free two-hour introduction course, so that should give me a fair insight. Even if I don't take it up regularly, they also have a crash course in it for twice a week, three weeks in a row, one and a half hours each. Couldn't find anything on the price, but I'll ask once I talk to someone there.

Next week it's a holiday week for most schools and thus also a lot of sport schools as well. After that I'll be checking out all of them, if possible, find out what suits me. This will include:
- Aikido
- Boxing
- Jiu-Jitsu
- Judo
- Karate
- Krav Maga
- Tae Kwon Do
- Tai Chi (not really what I'm looking for, but I've never seen it in person, so might as well drop by since it's in the same dojo)

Hopefully it'll all fit in one week schedule...
Ooh, cool. Krav maga is neat. I think if I could I'd try most of those out.

Uniforms seem to cost money. Ah well, sweatpants work alright for now.