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    Quote Originally Posted by Craft (Cheese) View Post
    You don't get full control over your party composition and paradigms until you get to Gran Pulse, which is about the 30 hour mark. Maybe 20 hours if you're speed-running.
    I comprehend this line of thought, but I also find it ridiculous - was the whole Midgard section of FF7 an extended tutorial, as well? And the whole of FF6 until you get the airship? People who this logic have a weird definition of the word "tutorial" and spread false information among those who haven't actually played FF13. As if enough misconceptions about that game weren't floating around the net already.

    By the way, Gran Pulse sucked for me. So much pointless wandering and random battles, with no plot or direction. I like FF13 more when it's linear, at least it does that well.
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