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Granted, we don't really know what disposable things we're talking about here, as this could include a scenario where this person is throwing away metal flatware after dirtying it up because they're too lazy to put it in the dish washer or do dishes. Ridiculous, I know, and I'd say it was strawmanning if I hadn't run into it before.
I agree its absurd, but I did notice that I could pick up a pack of 8 metal steak knives at the dollar store for $1. At that price throwing out flatware instead of washing it is getting pretty damn close, which is pretty scary in its own right. I mean at that cost taking 20 seconds to wash a knife is less efficient per hour than working if you make more than $22.50 an hour. Horribly wasteful of course though.

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Yeah, that it is. My room's not too bad. It's when we get things like "I just bought some nice new sponges that should make it easier to get the grime off, do you know where they are?" And the reply is "Oh they were really dirty and greasy so I threw them out and bought these new cheap ones instead." He just doesn't think that there might be such a thing as more expensive sponges that one keeps and washes.
Hmm yeah that could be an issue. Really throwing out other people's things is the main problem here I'd say. Of course it might not necessarily be intentional. If he wasn't aware they were expensive sponges maybe he figured they were disposable. I mean personally I've not used sponges for dishwashing that were not disposable. Now if you had already mentioned it to him, then he's just being an ass about it.