Squeeb dived into the hollow log, he felt it press in on his slender shoulders as he pushed as hard as he could to jam himself in. Unfortunately he was longer than the log so his feet were still sticking out as his fellow goblins walked past.

"Sir Squeeb of Lameness, come out come out come where you be hiding and we promise to not hit you too much."

Well that seems fair, Squeeb thought. Thinking it was only a matter of time before they see his feet anyway he was about to wiggle back out when the goblin finished.

"only instead we hit harder, hahah!"

Now that's just mean. So Squeeb stayed in the log and munched on a rather long worm that got too close as he waited for the four to leave.

When they left he waited for a decent time and tried to wiggle out. He was stuck. "Ugghh!" he huffed and strained. "Oooohg" Until finally with a loud POP he fell out of the log and backward and headed for home.