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    Default Re: Rate The Avatar VIII: Mastery Of All Four Elements Optional

    I've always liked drow, whether they be called "Dark Elves" or drow. So that's a bonus. I don't like how the neck andchin blend together, but I love the eyes, eyebrows and hair. Honestly, the only other problem I can find (for me) is that it's not full body, and therefor, no dynamic posing.

    I hereby give you 8/10

    Ninja'd, so edited with same as before. A little bumped up though, because I realized that I kind like the cape.

    I like the fact that the avatar is in a semi dynamic pose, which I know are helluva hard to pull off, and you didn't do too bad. Love the "naughty grin" sort of look you have going there, aced that one. While I do like the spiral on the staff, it seems to be coming out of the side, instead of the top, which makes it look slightly budget. The avatar isn't shaded, but shading is not easy to do, and sometimes makes things worse. Hell, I can't shade, so I wont be adding that to the rating actually.. Just thought I'd say.
    The body and cloaks clip seem to be facing the user head on, whereas the body and cape are at an angle as if the avvy were running towards the text.
    Love the hair flowing back thing, though it could use some work, I don't understand why it seems to be flowing down and sideways simultaneously.
    I understood that the green triangles were a spell casting aura after looking at them myself the first time (before I read your post) but it took me a while to figure out it wasn't a plant, and honestly it doesn't look very nice.

    Overall good avatar with okay posing. Could use work, but is better than quite a few other avatars I've seen. 6/10
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